Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Evil Women

Here are two Princess of Power redesigns that I had done, and was quite happy with. Catra, and Scorpia. I remember the fans recieved Catra well, but didn't like Scorpia so much. I guess she was maybe a bit TOO monstrous, but I like her as is. They're bad, not all bad females should be pretty in my opinion.


Divia said...

I remember Catra, but I dont remember the other. I like em. But I can see how some would think she is too much like a monster.

Sara said...

I love this piece. It's simply amazing, Nate.
Have I mentioned how proud I am that you're my bro-in-law??
Give Shel & the girls my love.

Nate Baertsch said...

S'up Sis!
Hey everyone, that Sara girl is one of the coolest girls in existence!!!
Seriously truly a woman with a golden heart.

Andrew Cramer said...

Awesome redesigns! I wish I could draw females as well as you Nate!