Friday, February 16, 2007

A Great President

As a part of my Imagine Learning Artist's challenge, we're doing Lincoln or Washington.
Abraham Lincoln is probably one of my favorite Presidents, so I quite enjoyed taking the time, this time of year to remember him, as well as Washington and all the other great men that have served in this capacity for our country. Whether or not you agree or like any particular president of this country. It's still good to pause and respect that person or that office. It's an enormous task to put on any one human being, a very great and respected responsibility.

So I went with a straight forward painted portrait. Pretty boring I know, however for me it felt SOOOOO good to do a face study, and really paint in some detail. I feel like it's been ages since I sat down to do just that, I'm feeling rushed on a lot of things so it was nice to just focus on this for a few moments. It took a total of about five hours, some at work durring training time, and a little at home. It was all done in Painter, using their Oils flats brushes.
You comments are welcome.


J.Ho said...

nate--that is simply amazing. i love the variety of subjects and styles that show up on your blog. keep it up!

CBR said...

Nate, what a joy to see the diversity your work is taking. This is a beautiful study. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with the wider world.

There are some who call me...Tim said...

Very nice work Nate.

You can see the attention to detail in the face.

Great stuff.

André (paddavis) said...

This is really some awesome artwork. I love the detail. You should actually do some MotU portraitures as well...with this detail. Great're artwork is always something to look forward to seeing.