Monday, November 5, 2007

Remember JEM and the Holograms?

Maybe you remeber her... I only do by association. Honestly I never got into the show as a kid... Or as an adult for that matter. But I did do a portrait of her for my good friend James Eatock aka Busta Toons.
This piece is for his Cereal:Geek Magazine, issue #3, due out in January '08!

If you're interested in checking the magazine out, I give a word to the wise... It is not a children's magazine. The demographic this publication shoots for are those of us that were children in the 80's and enjoyed the toons of the 80's, but are now all grown up. It's not an "R" rated magazine per se, but it definitely is more "PG-13". For instance the cover I illustrated for issue #1 depicts She-Ra with a black eye and bloody nose. The intended article explores the idea that she is a Warrior, that goes to War, thus she's bound to get a hit or two. So the cover reflects the two sides to her, half being the beautiful princess of power that she is, the other half depicting what she might look like after a brawl with Hordak and his evil crew. So again, probably not for the kids.

Now back to the JEM piece, much more light hearted, here is JEM showing off her fabulous hairstyle that was "soooo like, IN" durring the 80's.