Friday, February 23, 2007


He-Man's twin sister. They were separated shortly after they were born. The Evil Horde ruler Hordak invaded Eternia and snatched away the infant princess. He raised her as one of his minions. Many years later, after the twins had reached adulthood, the Sorceress of Grayskull summoned He-Man to go to Etheria to find his long lost twin sister and give her the Sword of Protection, that she may also share in the Power of Grayskull and fight evil in the Universe. As the princess was convinced of her wrong affiliation with the Horde, she left with He-Man to be come She-Ra, Princess of Power and leader of the Rebellion against the evil Horde on Etheria. This was a drawing I did shortly after the Four Horsemen sculpt of the character was revealed to be the Mattel exclusive figure for the 2004 Comic Summer Conventions, both San Diego Comic Con and Wizard World Chicago. This design is based on the new exclusive figure. ( The sword is different as at that time I didn't know what the sword was going to look like, it hadn't yet been revealed.)


there are some who call me...Tim said...

Love that sword.

While the one we got is more like the classic power sword this one looks just how I imagine the new series sword would look.

dean irvine said...

damn i remember you first posting that and allowing me to take a crack at the colours, superb work as always nate