Monday, February 26, 2007

Teela, Gold

If this looks a little exagerated and stylized... that was the intent. I was playing in photoshop, I think it was when 7.0 came out, and I was going for some more varied textures. The heavy oils in the border, the gold foil in the center, and a classic painted look on an exagerated Teela. Very wierd piece overall, mostly experimental, but I still keep it around as one of my favorite MotU pieces that I've done over the years. I think if I ever did a print of this, I'd have to play with gold leafing or at least some gold paint on that circle. :)


Adam Osgood said...

The textures in this are gorgeous! Is it all created in photoshop, or do you use scans of painted textures?

Nate Baertsch said...

That was all photoshop I believe.
I could be wrong as it was a long time ago, but I did the cracks as a texture, and the thick oily lookin' paints are a result of the painting with a lighting effect rendered on the piece based off it's channel.
The gold was a procedural texture built in PS. Oh wait. I do remember now, there is also a leather couch texture from a photo I took of one of the couches in the studio at the time.

Divia said...

I love this pic of Teela. I think its the color of her dress and this picture reminds me of a Goddess...or the sorcerss/goddess she will become. ;)

I'd be interested to see if you do an update.

You should sell some of your prints :)