Wednesday, February 21, 2007


MotU is always about He-Man vs. Skeletor. Skeletor trying to get into Castle Grayskull. We all know that story. Skeletor is an iconic villian, no one can deny that. He ranks up there with Darth Vader, Hitler, the Devil himself... Skeletor holds his own very well against them all.

I love the redesigned Skeletor that the Four Horsemen did in 2001, they really captured a great and very definitive look for ol' bonehead. But there is a side to Skeletor that I see, that is more akin to the early minicomics penciled by Alfredo P. Alcala, something dark, sinister, a creepy goblin kind of look that he captured that I wanted to capture here in this sketchy portrait at best. An essence of gloom and doom and spooky evil. The oposite of our Heroic Warrior He-Man.


Andrew Cramer said...

Sweet! Ya know, for me... it was the way that Alcala drew Skelly's teeth/mouth that creeped me out.

there are some who call me...Tim said...

Very nice!

maryn said...

Holy tons of He-Man pics, Batman! Very cool. All very nice - I think my favorites are the loose sketchy ones like this skeletor, the man at arms, and I really love the He-Man meets Hellboy style. That Evil-Lyn drawing is just fantastic. I'm thinking 80's cartoons is definitely in our future for the challenge. :-)