Monday, January 1, 2007


This is something I just simply colored. The REAL work was done by the following friends and artists extraordinaire...

The artwork was drawn by Cody Constable (Buffalo-Bill-Man on the forums)

The text and logo treatments were done by Ric Nicholls (Sllohcin on the forums)

If you want to learn more about Oozor and his uber cool mini statue kit created by Tom Tolman (Royalt1us on the forums) then check out this link right here! It's a lengthy thread, be sure to check out all the pages to see Tom's progress on taking the design from Ric and sculpting the finished statue. Oh and not just a cool sculpt, but all the casting and mold making that goes along with it. Tom Rocks!

It's a part of a very cool fan project that Tom put together on Ric Nicholls is the creator of the character Oozor.

How many names can you keep straight now eh?


Irian said...

Wow, that's pretty high on the coolness scale!

Andrew Cramer said...

I love this work! BBM really did a great job here and as usual your colouring looks amazing! I just wish we could see a bigger version!