Friday, January 12, 2007

In color! ... Sorta

Hey you three guys that visit me!

Here's a progression on my spectrum entry... I don't know if I'm gonna make it, but I'll try. Either way I really want to finish this. I keep telling myself I'm gonna pull it into painter and start rendering in there, but so far this has been a Photoshop only show...

Let me know what you think!


There are some who call me...Tim said...

Very nice.

The green on the guys belt really stands out (I'm not sure if that's a weird comment).

The animal is an interesting concept as well.

Good luck with finishing this.

Andrew Cramer said...

Dude you have to finish it, it's looking great. I like the contrast between the brown and the white so I reckon you should maintain that.

JafariStew said...

Finish this man! The atmosphere is great! I get chills just looking at it!