Friday, January 5, 2007

Thundercats... Remember them?

I found an old sketch of Cheetara today, and for some personal training time at work, I colored her.

I played with a technique where the underpainting so to speak was just a dark gray blue for the shadows, and a light yellow/creme color for the light side, with little blending between the two.

Then with Painter's watercolors, I "washed" some local colors over top, giving a nice watercolory texture. Then I blurred it in photoshop.

Kinda fun. :) Happy Friday everybody! Enjoy the weekend!


J.Ho said...

amazing draftsmanship and painting. keep up the fantastic work!

-bootleg (from

Andrew Cramer said...

Ahh I remember this from the Thundercats forum. Intersting colour technique, would be cool to see a step by step of that process.

Alisa said...

That's beautiful, Nate! I love the warmness to the light and great line quality. Nice overall feel.

Nate Baertsch said...

Thanks Alisa! Love the latest on your blog too... the simple cute bug on the killer simple background... brilliant!

I blame whatever warmth in the light to that "underpainting" I did for it. That technique gives a lot of control on light and shadow color... I'll definately play with this idea some more...

Kittrina said...

These are beautiful - I especially love Cheetarah [sp]. Nate, you ROCK sweetie!

Your biggest fan,


2-bad said...

2-bad here.You have always done an Amazing job with eery pic. These are all Awesome & I thourougly enjoy this blog!This Cheetarah pic is Great!