Friday, January 26, 2007

When Men were Men!

This week's challenge at work was "Cowboy"
So yeah... here's a cowboy! Shoot 'em up! kachow!
Sadly, my Spectrum entry didn't make it.
I'll still finish it though, as the character means something to me.


There are some who call me...Tim said...

Very cool cowboy Nate,

The background looks great.

That's a real shame to hear that your Spectrum entry didn't make it. I thought it was great and look forward to seeing it completed.

Divia said...

I like it, Nate, however it seems too typical. It is something that I would expect to see from a lot of artists, but I thought you might have the cowboy in a different pose.

It just seems too much of a sterotype for me. No offense ofcourse.

the art is nice. :)

Nate Baertsch said...

Thanks guys!
Divs, yeah the pose is stereotypical, sorry to bore!
I did this in one afternoon so to do it quickly I went from a reference that was... well... stereotypical so there you go!

And, no offense taken. :)


Andrew Cramer said...

Oh cool! I LOVE this pic! The colouring is awesome and really captures that time of day! YEEHAW