Saturday, March 3, 2007

Minicomic Madness!

I loved that the old figures came with little minicomics. These were my first introduction into the world of He-Man way back in late 1981. And my all time favorite minicomics were the very first four illustrated by Alfredo P. Alcala. There was no silly little Orko. No Cringer, the concept that Adam, a silly little prince was the alter ego of He-Man, NONE of that nonsense existed on Eternia, that all came from the cartoon. The first few minicomics showed a world that was maybe a little more edgy, a little more barbaric, mind you it was all still completely safe for kids, I quite enjoyed them. There also existed in these stories the concept of why He-Man and Skeletor have two halves of the same sword. And when that sword was whole, the possessor of the complete Power Sword could enter Castle Grayskull. (A feature found in the toys) Instead of being a prince, He-Man was a great warrior from a primitive jungle tribe that went forth to protect Castle Grayskull from any evils that might wish to overtake the mysterious, sacred Fortress of Power. A little while back a board member named "Jafari Stew" threw out a challenge to do an old minicomic cover using the new updated look designed by the Four Horsemen. I did a combo. The designs of the characters are the Four Horsemen's and I kept the classic color schemes. This particular cover echo's my favorite minicomic "He-Man and the Power Sword". The only MotU story ever to portray the Sorceress as a mysterious Green Goddess... I bet you can guess what my next post will be... :)


Ric said...

MAN!!! I adore your classic stuff. I don't want to take away from the FOURHORSEMEN's designs but... your art coupled with the nostalgic line laced with some Alcala/Texiera goodness - PURE WICKEDNESS (a REALLY good thing of course!)

I'll always be a fan! Your blog is one of my daily net "visits" (yep... I have a small list of sites that I "check out" regularly.)

JafariStew said...

Nate, this is absolutely my faveorite piece of MOTU fanart you have ever done, & one of my faveorite pieces of Masters art period. I was so glad that you joined me & the others in that fan challenge as yours was truly "The Master" of them all!
My only question is WHERE is the link on your blog to MY Blog!LOL! ^_^
I've had you linked as one of my .OrgAllies for months!!! ^_^

JafariStew said...

AWESOME NATE! Thanks for adding me!