Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Green Goddess

This is the Green Goddess. If you're asking yourself, this is just a green Teela with the Snake Head Dress on... You're pretty much right. A long time ago... years even, I did a sketch of her, and colored her too quickly. And then later, I painted over top of that. There are a lot of things I wish to change about this piece, and the biggest thing would be to pull back a little so we can see her feet. It's just a bad crop there where it is right now. There are also a handfull of anatomy issues and costue tweeks I would like to do. For instance I'd like to push the design closer to what my good friend Tom Tolman (Royalt1us) did for the mini bust that he sculpted of her, also pictured below.

This "Green Teela" appeared only once in the very first minicomic "He-Man and the Power Sword" (Click the link to flip through and read this silly old book!) where she was more or less just an early concept of the Sorceress character.

I was always amazed whenever anyone would reference this image on the forums.
After a while I would make a joke of it and post it over and over myself for the silliest of reasons.
She's pretty much become her own character, being drawn by many other great fan artists, and she also has been known to appear in a fan fic or two or five. Some see her as the first sorceress, some see her as some kind of Snake men queen, others as her name would indicate, simply a Goddess diety to the world of Eternia. It would be interesting to think of what would become of her if we gave her an actual name other than "The Green Goddess". LOL!
Below is a picutre of Tom's Green Goddess bust, he sculpted it, as well as created molds and cast it. I then painted it. She comes complete with removable Head Dress and Pony Tail with the use of Magnets. She's a very very cool bust. And now the Four Horsemen own a painted cast of this bust for their own collection. Way to go Tom! :)


there are some who call me...Tim said...

Ahhhh the Green Goddess. I remember first seeing her about three years ago and loving her design straight away. I know she's just a green Teela but there's something cool about her.

Tom's bust is amazing as well.

dean irvine said...

its plain in the simple, she's the green goddess no name needed that says it all.

dont know if you meant it but i always loved the elegance of her pose, just seems so natural and smooth.


dracine said...

I love the way you did her. I remember when I made a micro of her based on this.

Divia said...

you know how I feel about this pic and the character. I love her. The thought about her...what she is...what she was...and what she will do captivates me. You have turned me into a GG fan.