Tuesday, March 6, 2007

At the end... and Angellic Queen.

At the end of this MotU fan art memory lane. I put up my redesign of Queen Angella. Never would I have ever guessed I would ever paint such a barbie, pink and purple character that looks like she should be slapped right onto a Barbie box. And if anyone knows me personally, they probably never would've guessed that I'd illustrate such a piece either. But truth be told the reason I saved this for last and why it IS one of my favorite pieces I've done, is the fact that I'm the proud daddy of two beautiful daughters. This one is for them. In fact, I've redesigned a handful of the Princess of Power characters, you saw some earlier with Scorpia and Catra. I did that for them. Because simply put I love my kids, and as a parent I take interest in their interests, and if I can paint something that they will enjoy, and gain imagination and inspiration from? I won't say no. I have a good stack of ideas that are barely past the sketch stage for the Princess of Power characters, someday, I will complete that stack as a series of stand alone character images like this one. Heck, even this one isn't complete, you can see it's still pretty rough and sketchy in spots. But it conveys very well the look I would give PoP were I in charge of a redesign on the property.

Thanks for following these various MotU and PoP pieces from the past. From here out if I do anything MotU or PoP related it will be either for my kids, or a commission that I still have on my plate that I need to finish... and trust me, there's still a small handful of them to do. (That battle in front of Castle Grayskull for one.)
Thank you for your comments! A la prochaine!


Divia said...

I'm not much of a pink fan, but I love this one. I don't know what it is about this picture...but she does look queenly. I could easily see her in some fantasy novel.

JafariStew said...

Wonderful regal image & a very nicely written heartfelt sentiment for your daughters! Thanks for everything Nate, you have made some of best contributions to the Org art community, and many of us are very inspired by your work! Looking forward to the future!

there are some who call me...Tim said...

I've always enjoyed your POP interpritations, and knowing they were for your daughters always made them feel that bit more special.

Thanks for sharing again.

LadyAngora said...

i'm sad that the motu/pop world will not be in the forefront of your work anymore, but i am glad you did so much art surrounding their fabulous universe.

i look forward to the amazing things still to come! :)

Ron said...

You are sooooo much cooler than I am.

quit being silly