Thursday, December 7, 2006


Done! Wow, this ended up a little more "Narnia-ish" that I'd expected.

I did this for our work challenge. Check out the other entries here:

I'm overall happy with how this turned out. But I think the more I worked on it the more frustrated I'd get with it for whatever reason.

I'd love to hear crits on this one!

Have a great Day!


Ric said...


Looking awesome as usual. You are definitely a master of metals.

As a crit, I'm not really feeling the hind legs. They don't really match her stance - almost like they're in motion.

BlueStreak said...

Wow. It was great as line art but the colored version is fantastic!!!

Nate Baertsch said...

Fair enough Ric, thanks!
So would you rather see them more "planted" like the front legs?

Andrew Cramer said...

Whoa! This is awesome. You never cease to amaze me Nate!!

Ric said...

Yep, "planted" would be the right word.

After taking another look at this pic, I'm also REALLY liking how you did her hair. It's so thick looking.

I'm still astounded by your technique.

Adam said...

This looks pretty cool! I like the changed colors from the original version. It's more natural. The chrome plating looks really excellent too.

The brush strokes on the horse's body that follow it's contours are beautifully done as well.

I agree, though, that her legs don't look planted. Not just the back ones, but the front as well. Maybe it's because you are getting to the richest black in shadow on everything _but_ the shadow she casts on the ground.

Also, maybe I'm being picky because I'm used to seeing your work with more subtle color shifts, but the contrast seems a bit much. The black in the foreground of the cliff isn't believeable to me---maybe because the Centaur lady would be completely in shadow, too, and the shadow that she is casting would be coming towards us and not underneath her.

Hope that all makes sense! Your work is great, though, you should post more often! (everyday)

Andrew Cramer said...

Just wondering something, with such a strong light source from over the mountains would the jewel on her sword hilt not have some sort of lumination?

Mek said...

Hey Nate. It's Eve from the forums. Long time no see, heh.

Anyhow, WOW. Your art always gets better every single time I look at it, and this is no exception.

Unfortunatley, I lack any good critiques, but I am still very envious of your coloring.


JafariStew said...

Colors look sharp Nate, very earthy and unified. I like the light source & illumination on the character as well as the deepness/distance of the mountains.
2 Cents worth: I agree with Ric on the stability of the hind quarters, they need to look a bit more grounded for my taste.
But absolutely terrific none the less!