Thursday, July 26, 2007


I can finally post this!

If you're a fan of the Four Horsemen's work... (2001-2007 He-Man, Mattel's DC Super Heros line. NECA's Nightmare before Christmas figures and MORE!) Then you would also know about their own personal endeavors with the FANtastic Exclusive and the Seventh Kingdom. Well I had the honor of producing artwork to go on the packaging of this year's "Ramathorr, the Elephant Swordsman" 2007 FANtastic Exclusive figure! If you know me, you can imagine my excitement, let alone the fact that I can share this openly now! Here is a look at the artwork I produced:

And here is how it was put together for the card back packaging (Djordje Djakovic did the layout and the rest of the packaging design elements):

A HUGE thanks to the Four Horsemen for letting this FAN be a part of the FANtastic Exclusive experience! It really was a treat and a great experience working with them on this.
ALSO! Just announced at San Diego Comic Con, the Seventh Kingdom, (the line that Ramathorr comes from) Will be it's own action figure line separate from the FANtastic Exclusive, with it's first figure, the Queen Alluxandra coming out in winter 2007/2008!

Check this link out at for more information on the FANtastic Exclusive and the Seventh Kingdom from the Fabulous Four Horsemen!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool Nate.

It's great to see you getting to work with FOUR HORSEMEN. I hope they get you back for more work as the line continues.

Gina said...

Excellent work. I love how you can see the texture in the elephant's skin. Freakin amazing.

Oh, and btw, nice to see you post something again ;-)

Jason said...

Awesome stuff Nate!!! Hope they use more of your art work in the future!


Jafari Stew said...

Superb work my friend! You did a brilliant job in potraying the 4H's mighty giant! Must be nice to be on the back of some 4H product...featuring your great art, & the 4H's great sculpt, it's the perfect combo!!! Congrats!

BlueLobster1979 said...

God, that's beautiful work, Nate!!! I am so thrilled that Seventh Kingdom will continue on as it's own line. I'd be thrilled to see more of your art associated with it, too. You are the best!!!
See you around the forums-
(aka Glass Shrimp)

maryn said...

go Nathor!!!

congrats Mr. Superstar! :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work... now I see why you have been too busy to post. I really love the blades and the skin texture. Very cool. You are, as always, my hero! Say hi to Shell & the girls for me! Much love, Sara.

Nasan Hardcastle said...

Eh . . .
I've seen better . . .

Just kidding!
Cool. It was worth the wait. Did you do this all in painter? I'd love to see a little tutorial on how you worked the textures into the skin and around the swords on his back.

Nate Baertsch said...

Thanks everybody!
In answer of some common questions that have been posted here and in other places...
I've not been contacted to do any more art for the Seventh Kingdom, but that's not to say it wont happen. It just hasn't happened yet. That's up to the Four Horsemen. Of course I would love to continue to do more in this vein for them! :-D

Nasan, A tutorial eh?
Soooo, you want my secrets do you?
TOO BAD! HAHA! (I kid)

While a tutorial on this painting is not gonna happen, because it's done and I didn't keep screen grabs as I was painting it, BUT! I can give a brief description?

I did this in Painter and Photoshop.
I rendered it all out strictly in black and white. then colorized it in photoshop at the very end. Some of the rendering was done in painter, some of it in photoshop, as usual, I bounce between the two programs often.
Some of the brushy texure your seeing there was done in Painter, an oil brush with the feature turned up so you can see individual hairs, and then the blending was set up pretty high as well so it would drag the paint a bit.
The texture on his skin though was mostly drawn out by hand. There was such little of his skin showing so I didn't mind spending some time there.
Hope that helps some?

Thanks again all! :-)

Anonymous said...

great piece. Somehow I'm getting a distict Castle Grayskull vibe ...

Ruune said...

FANtastic piece Nate! You already know my thoughts on this painting but I want to give credit where credit is due!

You did a darn fine job on this!

Your art has made me "more" interested in the 7th Kingdom line than I already was (and I'm a HUGE fan already - a lurker fan though...?)

Anonymous said...

I saw that at SDCC for the first time and knew right away who did that painting!
What can I say that hasn’t been said? You’re a hack, it sucks and you have an ego the size of New Hampshire. Well ok, nobody has ever said that to you...But that’s because we don’t live in Bizarro world. Amazing as usual. I hope you do get more 7K jobs, it would be great if you did all the packaging paintings.

Oh did you ever show the .Org the “you know what” you did for me?
If not you should! Just post a link back to my new blog coming soon.

Andrew Cramer said...

LOVE it, but you know that already! ;)
I hope we see more from you.

Kactiguy said...

Very cool Nate. It has my sons approval too.

J.Ho said...

amazing work, Nate. i hope 4H starts utilizing your talents regularly!

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