Thursday, November 1, 2012

Castle Grayskull, but COOLER than you REMEMBER!!!
Mattel is trying to pull in pre-orders, so they can re-make the coolest playset that possibly has ever been!  But bigger, including all our favorite features in the old castle, and much, much more!
Everything that was a sticker, or cardboard in the old playset will now be fully sculpted and painted! All the weapons, the computers, the throne, a working “Jaw-Bridge”! It will feature a trap door, a fully enclosed dungeon, two NEW secret doorways, a working elevator that goes not just to two levels, but now a new roof level! This thing will be huge! Measuring in at just over 2 feet tall!
Check it out at and pre-order yours today!!!
Just imagine what this castle playset would be like not just for your MotU Classics figures, but even the old original figures! Or any monster or fantasty figures that you own!  This playset will be the be all, end all of ultimate castle playsets, and in my opinion, well worth the price tag.  
If you’ve been collecting the new MotU Classics, even casually, then this playset is a must!  This is what He-Man and Skeletor are fighting over! Get it pre-ordered today! No charge will be put on your card, you pay when it ships a year from now. (We need to give the FourHorsemen ( time to build the thing. But imagine how cool it will be to gift this to yourself or a loved one NEXT Christmas/holiday season!
“Now YOU, have the POWER!!!” :)

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