Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy 45th Outer Spacemen!

Very happy to show this fun poster I got to do for the Four Horsemen and Mel Birnkrant, creators of the new Outerspaceman figures that you can buy here! While these new figures have only been around for a couple of years... The characters were created by toy mastermind Mel Birnkrant 45 years ago!

This poster is a part of a unique package, featuring re-issues of the first four modern OSM figures, but with colors created by Mel for this special release. They are very striking in photos, and even more so in person! Well worth the "exclusive pricing" if you ask me.

If you look close, you'll find the newest OuterspaceWOman, Terra Firma! :)

Thanks again to Mel and the Four Horsemen for letting me come over and play.

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