Monday, August 3, 2009

The Allustrious Queen Alexanndraaaaaa!

Now that SDCC is over, and most people have seen the packaging on the Four Horsemen's Queen figure from the 7th Kingdom, I suppose I could post this.

Part three in the 7th Kingdom series! The mighty Human Kingdom Queen and her warriors!
If you want to learn more about the 7th Kingdom and the Four Horsemen toy design group, go to and be sure to check out they're forums!

Comments are always welocome... Except the ones that are just happy I've posted on my blog again. ;)
(I say that with love, really I do!)


Andrew Cramer said...

Absolutely beautiful work once again Mr. B!

Seems a bit empty compared to the last 2 but I guess thats cos of her size compared to ol Rammy and Xetheus...

Eric said...

Nate, your work is gorgeous! I love how fierce and beautiful she looks here, and if I ever remember the names of the others I'd call them out too--but I love the drama. Will we ever learn who everyone is fighting in the mural? Each other? Scarabus? I know, you can't say, dangit! But great work!

Laureus said...

Nate, first of all i use this way to wish you all the best to your birthday.... don't know if you remember me from Toynexus - but sure visiting your blog to see some new pictures from you.

Nathan Baertsch said...

Thanks all!
And thanks Laureus for the Birthday wishes. I miss Toynexus. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Baena. I'm fairly new to the whole 7th Kingdom stuff. I've been buying the toys, And I see your artwork all over the packages. It's some really amazing art.

I'm glad that the 4H have you on the project. Your style of art is very fitting for the theme of their toys.

Thanks for all of the amazing pictures. Please keep up the great work.

worldwarhulk said...

oops, sorry that last "Anonymous" comment was from me. Forgot to add my name.

2-bad said...

Stunning work Nate. Everything from lighting to poses is just perfect. I actually mistook it for 3d art for a sec there.

Nathan Baertsch said...

Thanks 2-Bad!
No 3D work at all, not even for references. Other than the Four Horsemen's sculpted references that is. ;)