Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Great lord of Gothitropolis

Scarabus is this one's name. He actually is this year's FANtastic Exclusive winner, meaning the fans chose Scarabus out of many very cool Four Horsemen character/figure designs.
Again, you can see the whole process over at The Four Horsemen's FANtastic Exclusive website.

They asked again that I help with the packaging chores by providing an illustration.
Because let's face it... We love seeing cool illustrations of figures on the packaging vs. just a photo of the figure you've already got. Not to totally bag on photos, they absolutely have their place, and we need them. But sometimes I think an illustration puts us into another world a little easier, it gives a sense of a story, let's the imagination run a little faster.

Granted there's not much story here to tell with this illustration. You'll notice that both Scarabus and the Time Keeper look to be more of an old time portrait of the characters, there's a reason for that, and I'll leave that to the Four Horsemen to reveal on their own. One idea might be, whenever you go through an old spooky haunted looking house... It's always that portrait on the wall that makes you wonder who all is there, even if you think you're alone...

I look forward to seeing what Gothitropolis is all about, it sounds like a lot of fun, and Scarabus is, by the look of his character alone, something serious to be reckoned with... A lord of times present and times lost, I'm not revealing anything official there, that's just a thought. I know when I look at the Four Horsemen's work, my imagination starts to wander all over the place, I hope this packaging artwork does the figure and his variants justice.

This artwork was also shown at the San Diego Comic Convention that has now come to a close.
Please let me know what you think!


649 lotto results said...
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Shar said...

I love the detail on his head and chest. And the colors you used are so brilliant. Thanks for sharing Scarabus! He's awesome.

Creature SH said...

This is absolutely fantastic ! There's so much regal dignity in it.

And I absolutely agree with you about packaging illustrations. They add so much flair. Especially outstanding ones like this, of course.

Andrew Cramer said...

WHOA! amazing Nate. I love the cracked oil painting effect!! And I see some sorceress colours there... ;-)

(btw, check out my blog for some motu stuff of my own)

Jafari Stew said...

Killa my man!! So regal & powerful!! Great job on this, I love the color contrast in the metal vs the cape!! You did the 4H justice!!

Priyanshu Uniyal said...

Waw... Awesome!! Really loved it!!!