Thursday, May 22, 2008

Davy Crockett!

More fun from my day job! I'm doing illustrations for a book on Davy Crockett.
It will be a mix of two styles... The story gives us facts from his life, which will be painted in this more realistic style, and then it tells of a few of his tall tales... Which will be illustrated in my more cartoony/comic book-ish style. I just started the book, and when I have the cartoony style pages done, I'll be sure to post one here.
This image and text belongs to Imagine Learning. The book is written by Shar Petersen.


Ms. I said...

Your art is amazing Nate. I'd love for you to win a Caldecott Medal. That would ROCK. Here's hoping :)

Israel said...

Make sure the book mentions that he was kilt by the Mexicans! or was that Daniel Boone. Never can keep those two apart.

Anyway, hooray for the Mexicans!

Nate Baertsch said...

Haha! Sorry Iz! I've no control over the writing... And of course, we don't go into his death. ;-)