Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hello there!

I've done it. I've jumped on the blog-wagon! I'm now a dirty blogger!

Welcome, this is the place where I will do like many other much greater artists have done, and try to post my artwork, sketches, ideas and such on a somewhat regular basis.

I have no website, haven't found the time to bother with it, but this may give me a chance to get my stuff out there.

Feel free to stop by whenever you like, and if you feel you need to say anything about my artwork, please post! I'm always open to critiques and the like to better myself in my craft.

My first image isn't very indicative of what I do on a regular basis, but something I enjoy very much. This is a speed painting of what the sunrise looked like out here where I live, I just HAD to try to capture it to the best of my abilities, as I didn't have a camera ready.



maryn said...

Hey Nate!

Fab painting! I wish I knew how to paint.

Welcome to the great big Blog-o-sphere!

dean said...

hey nate welcome aboard, superb piece as usual, its werid with the numver of org bloggers you'd think there be a group or soemthing. look forward to seeing what you post


Ric said...

Hi Nate... I took your blogging comments to heart and decided to join in on the fun and forgo the portfolio.

This is so verrrrry much easier to maintain.

Now I just gotta flesh out blog customization (seems easy enough!)

Andrew Cramer said...

Ahoy fellow dirty blogger! ;) Awesome blog so far I LOVE these paintings of yours! I also have a blog, its fun and easy! :D Bookmarking your blog asap!