Thursday, July 26, 2007


I can finally post this!

If you're a fan of the Four Horsemen's work... (2001-2007 He-Man, Mattel's DC Super Heros line. NECA's Nightmare before Christmas figures and MORE!) Then you would also know about their own personal endeavors with the FANtastic Exclusive and the Seventh Kingdom. Well I had the honor of producing artwork to go on the packaging of this year's "Ramathorr, the Elephant Swordsman" 2007 FANtastic Exclusive figure! If you know me, you can imagine my excitement, let alone the fact that I can share this openly now! Here is a look at the artwork I produced:

And here is how it was put together for the card back packaging (Djordje Djakovic did the layout and the rest of the packaging design elements):

A HUGE thanks to the Four Horsemen for letting this FAN be a part of the FANtastic Exclusive experience! It really was a treat and a great experience working with them on this.
ALSO! Just announced at San Diego Comic Con, the Seventh Kingdom, (the line that Ramathorr comes from) Will be it's own action figure line separate from the FANtastic Exclusive, with it's first figure, the Queen Alluxandra coming out in winter 2007/2008!

Check this link out at for more information on the FANtastic Exclusive and the Seventh Kingdom from the Fabulous Four Horsemen!